90 Day Success Plan

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Empower Kickboxing™

New Member Onboarding


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3 Steps to Launching Empower Kickboxing™

1. How to Setup Empower Kickboxing

2. How to Learn Empower Kickboxing

3. How to Introduce Empower Kickboxing




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1. How to Setup Empower Kickboxing™


1. Visit the Collateral page to download the Empower Kickboxing™ logo.

Logo and Brand Restrictions

a. You may use this to promote your program on signs, shirts, gloves, hats, and marketing.

b. You may NOT call your school Empower Kickboxing™. It is a program you offer, not your school name.

2. Create a page on your current website dedicated to Empower Kickboxing™.
Use the logo, sound bites, and testimonials. Put it on your home page as well and make it easy to find.

Add a link to your full Empower Kickboxing™ website.

3. (Optional) Secure your domain. EmpowerKickboxingYourTown.com. EmpowerKickboxingAlexandria.com is an example.

You can use DiscountWebTools.com or your own domain company.

4. Set a date for a Grand Opening or Open House to launch Empower Kickboxing in your school.

5. Review the short Empower Kickboxing™ Transition Strategy.

6. Review the Testing and Graduations section. You can use these and any suggestions as you see fit for your school.

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 2. How to Learn Empower Kickboxing™


1. Study the Foundation Skills 

You probably know all of the skills, but watch Mr. Graden’s presentation. You will no doubt pick up some tips. It’s a good idea to watch them with instructors so you can start to learn the language of Empower Kickboxing™.

2. Start learning the Footwork Drills. The drills are pretty much listed in order. For instance, 4-Components of Every Attack is a 1, 2, 3, 4 series in order.

3. Start using the Warm-ups in your current classes.

4. Review your curriculum to see where EKB can replace current traditional skills.

EKB vs Traditional Blocks

5. Start to study the How to Teach Martial Arts section. This is important for staff as well.

6. Download, study, and rehearse presenting the first Life Skills Module: Integrity.

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3. How to Introduce Empower Kickboxing™

Here is how to start the buzz for Empower Boxing™. Each completed step will help you gain momentum and confidence.

1. Start with Warmups. 

Replace your regular warmups with the EKB warm-ups from Kickboxing Module 1-Week-1 in kids and adult classes. Shorten the time for the kids though.

Tell the students this is a preview of a new program you’re rolling out called Empower Kickboxing.

2. Class Segments

Insert self-defense, teaching (ninjitsu, savate, sweeps are all good), drill (footwork and/or limited sparring) segment into your classes.

3. Promote a Special Saturday or Friday night class

Make this a 90-minute class, so you can explain some of the EKB concepts and how they differ from traditional training.

 Traditional Blocks vs Empower Kickboxing Blocks

Teach the 10 blocks, 5 elbows, 4 punches along with some self-defense (everyday weapons) to demonstrate how quick and easy EKB is to learn.

Think about it. Most schools would take 2-months to teach 10 traditional blocks and punches. You now do it in one class. How cool is that?



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