Empower Kickboxing™ Open House

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Empower Kickboxing™ Open House

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Set an Open House Debut of Empower Kickboxing.


While this is designed to be the first Grand Opening or Open House, you can run this for holidays or quarterly. 

By no means should this be a one time gig.


Promotional t-shirts and hats.

The Strategy

Set a date approximately 30-days out for a gala Open House to promote the launch of Empower Kickboxing™. 

If possible, time with the release of a Groupon or Living Social deal.

Advertise your open house with signs, media releases, and your website or blog.

Tell your current members to invite friends and family members to come in and take a class for free.


Contact local chiropractors, health food stores, healthy restaurants, smoothie makers etc. and offer them a space to promote their business for a small fee or in exchange for promoting your Open House to their list. 

These are good relationships to build, so be less concerned about getting sponsorship fees and focus on building an alliance. 

Ask them to offer door prizes.

Ideally, any money you get from the sponsors would pay for t-shirts you can give out promoting the event, and including sponsor’s logo. 

Print as many as you can and give them out to staff and students who agree to wear them and promote your event.

Being able to promote that your Open House has sponsors raises its profile.

Past Students

Conduct a mail and phone campaign to all past students and prospects to invite them to the Empower Kickboxing™ Open House. 

Tell them that this is a martial arts program that they can master faster!

Offer Prizes

Offer free memberships or an iPad to the members who bring in the most people who enroll from 30-days out until two-weeks past the event. 

Post a large leader board and make a big deal out of it.

Decorate the School

Have your staff or volunteer students (women) put up balloons and decorations to create a fun, party atmosphere. Make sure the colors of the decor match or complement the Empower Kickboxing™ colors.

Staff Name Tags

Have name tags for your staff so visitors know who to speak with. 

Or, have nice polo shirts printed with the Empower Kickboxing™ logo 

and their name embroidered or just Staff on the left crest.

Local Schools

Partner with local high schools to teach PE as a guest instructor and invite the kids to the Open House. Find out who is teaching fitness-related classes at your local colleges and offer to do the same.

Take Pictures and Video

Shoot everyone and create a quick slide show you can project on the wall or on a big TV while the event is happening. 

Edit a fast-paced, 2-minute video to post on your YouTube channel.

Create Urgency to Join Now

Offer incentives to join on the day of the Open House to avoid potential members losing their excitement and cooling off to the idea. 

Get them while they are hot.

Large Local Corporations

Contact the HR department of large local corporations with fitness and wellness programs and offer a discount for their employees and pitch the corporation on paying for a portion or all of their employee’s tuition as an employee benefit. 

People of Service

Contact local military, EMT, Law Enforcement and school teachers and offer them discounts for themselves and their families.

Media Personalities

Use Twitter or Facebook to contact your local TV personalities and invite them to take class or to profile a member’s journey. 

Tell them that Empower Kickboxing is not a fitness or MMA program but a full martial arts program that they can master faster.

EKB is for the student who wants to earn a black belt without spending as many years as they did in college to get one.

EKB focuses only on the most effective and practical skills from all styles.

Invite the reporter to take a month of classes as an ongoing segment. This is really good for daytime news shows.

If they don’t want to take it, suggest that they profile a new student’s journey for a month.

Local Charities

Contact local charities and set up a specific Open House that benefits them. 

Charities need exposure and funds. 

You need their ability to attract the media and influential people in the community. 

You offer to give 100% of the first month’s tuition that you receive on the day of the Open House. 

They promote you to their list and media contacts. 

By giving 100%, you are really stepping up above the “a portion of the proceeds…” 

You are saying, “enroll today, and we will give that first month  right to XYZ non-profit.” 

Of course, you can make it any % you are comfortable with.

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