Transitioning to Empower Kickboxing

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Transitioning to Empower Kickboxing

empower kickboxing

You may want to offer Empower Kickboxing™ (EKB) as a separate program or you may want to transition your entire system and student population to the program.Whatever your plans, we are here to help you make a smooth transition. EKB is simple to manage.

What to Do with Current StudentsYour highest-ranking students are usually the most resistant to change. The fact they are still with you shows they like things the way they are. That’s OK.We’ll recruit them in time, but in the beginning, it’s usually best to start a new program with your newest students and let it follow them up the ranks.Replace your current white belt or beginner’s program with EKB. At the same time, start doing some of the drills and exercises from EKB in your traditional classes.If you replace your current beginner’s classes with EKB, those students can stay in that time slot forever. No more student schedule changes.Once your current intermediate students graduate up into your advanced classes, add another EKB class or two in the time slots previously used by the intermediate students.In a matter of months, you’ll have 2-3 EKB classes and an advanced traditional program for the students who wanted to continue with the traditional program.This gives you time to learn the material and time for your students to adjust to it.